-Break Dance-


The proper term for Breakdance is B-boy, or Breakin’. It is anyones guess as to when the dance style began, but the general consensus is in the 1970’s. Breakin’ was the original Hip-Hop dance style, and started in the Bronx NY. Breakdance, or Breakin’ is a highly physical dance style mixing intricate footwork patterns, momentum driven athletic movements, and sudden stops (freezes).


what to expect:

Breakin’ is a great way for students to understand the work ethic behind overcoming challenges both physically and mentally. Mastering Break dance in many ways teaches students the art of mastering life!

At the foundation level students will learn basic footwork patterns in Toprocking, and Downrocking. Basic balance skills, momentum building, body strengthening, and ground freezes will be developed to build a foundation for more advanced moves.

Intermediate will begin to focus on more intricate footwork patterns in Toprock, and Downrock. This level will introduce musicality, momentum control, and develop air freezes. Powermoves and Personal style will begin to be explored as well.

Advanced will cover highly intricate footwork in Toprock and Downrock. A strong sense of musicality, execution of powermoves, and advanced level of air freezes will be developed. There will be a strong focus on personal style, flow, and move creation.

Attire: Loose pants, or sweats. Tennis shoes, or any athletic shoe. (Soft elbow pads, soft knee pads, and a head beanie may be desired for intermediate and advanced levels.)

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