Imagine a world where your biggest dreams come true…..Imagine a world where -You- are Gods biggest dream come true! The bible says in John 14:12 that we are to do even greater things than Christ did! What If that were true? How much of an impact could we make if we believed even that one scripture?

The Legacy Project’s Dance production “What If” takes a dive into the realm of the impossible becoming possible! Utilizing a variety of dance and creative movements including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, B-boying(breakdance) and Free running. With the aim of reigniting your passions, it poses a question to inspire belief in your dreams, and the greatness that you are created to be. What If?

Coming to the Broken Arrow PAC November 14th 2015. Tickets: $10.00-$20.00 Available NOW at The Legacy Project Dance Studio 5582 s. Garnett Tulsa OK 74063

Check out the news piece Channel 6 covered on “What If”: